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Your Achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in your body. It connects your calf to your foot and enables you to point and flex your foot so you can walk and stand. An Achilles tendon rupture is a common sports injury, one that board-certified orthopedic surgeon Arash A. Dini, MD often treats at his solo practice in Encino and the Mid-Wilshire areas of Los Angeles. If you’ve injured your Achilles tendon, schedule an appointment with Dr. Dini by calling his office or booking online.

Achilles Tendon Q & A

What is an Achilles tendon rupture?

Your Achilles tendon is very strong and can withstand significant stress from running and jumping. Nonetheless, it’s still vulnerable to injury. When your Achilles tendon tears or separates, it’s referred to as a rupture. It’s a common injury in athletes such as soccer and basketball players who repeatedly put intense stress on their Achilles tendons.

An Achilles tendon rupture causes a popping or snapping sound as well as immediate swelling and pain in your ankle and foot. You won’t be able to walk correctly or bend your foot.

What causes an Achilles tendon rupture?

Achilles tendon ruptures often come from traumatic injuries. Some of the risk factors for rupturing your Achilles tendon include:

  • Not warming up correctly
  • Having tight or weak calf muscles
  • Wearing poorly fitting shoes
  • Running on uneven or steep terrain or in cold weather
  • Returning to intense physical activity after a long break
  • Taking medications like certain antibiotics or steroid injections

Other risk factors include being overweight, having flat feet, or diseases like diabetes or hypertension.

How is an Achilles tendon rupture treated?

Dr. Dini offers customized treatment depending on the severity of your Achilles tendon rupture. If your tear is partial, he may suggest starting with conservative treatment such as rest, ice, immobilization, and elevation. Dr. Dini may also recommend stem cell therapy or platelet-rich plasma injections to support your body’s natural healing response.

However, if your rupture is severe, Dr. Dini may advise surgery to repair your tendon. If surgery is needed, you can count on Dr. Dini. Not only is he an extremely well-trained and experienced orthopedic surgeon, but he’s also an athlete and understands how important it is to treat injuries and support recovery so you can get back to the sports and activities you love.

What should I expect while recovering from an Achilles tendon rupture?

You’ll wear an immobilizing boot or cast to support and stabilize your ankle while your body heals. You may also need to use crutches for up to two weeks. Dr. Dini also prescribes physical therapy to help you rebuild strength and flexibility in your Achilles tendon, calf, and foot.

If you’ve sustained an injury to your Achilles tendon, call or make an appointment online today to meet with Dr. Dini for expert diagnosis and care designed to get you back on your feet quickly.